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UA Disability Resources is a national model for colleges and universities.  Through its innovative services, programs and partnerships, DRC leads the University in the creation of accessible and inclusive learning and working environments on campus. UA DRC has redesigned the traditional disability services paradigm and presents disability as an integral part of society and the UA campus, a source of pride and community.

Development and Donor Opportunities
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Development and Donor Opportunities
In order to enhance and grow the programs and services offered through DRC, the following opportunities have been identified:

Naming OpportunitiesDRC building

Named Center: $5 million endowment or $200,000 annually

Named Spaces: $50,000 to $500,000

  • Technology Center
  • Adaptive Fitness Center
  • Exam Administration Center



Adaptive Athletics wall of photos
Adaptive Athletics

  • Named Adaptive Fitness Center: $2 million endowment or $80,000 annually
  • Scholarships: $5 million endowments or $200,000 annually
  • Equipment: $3 million endowments or $120,000 annually

The largest and most successful program of its kind in the country, Adaptive Athletics provides disabled students and community members with opportunities to participate fully in the higher education experience.  Funding will support on-going programming of events, as well as maintenance of equipment.

computer lab

Technology Center

  • Named Center: $2 million endowment or $80,000 annually

DRC’s Technology Center provides specialized tools for students and staff with disabilities, including advanced screen reading, text to speech, voice recognition, screen magnification, and Braille output technology.  The Center serves as a product demonstration and training facility for students, faculty, staff and community members.  The Center is used by over 500 individuals each semester.  

With the rapid evolution of technology, the Center’s purpose requires that it house the most recent versions of adaptive technology hardware and software.  Funding will ensure that campus and community members have access to the most advanced assistive technology solutions.

Group wheelchair basketball
Disabled Veterans Reintegration and Education Project

  • Named Program: $1.5 million endowment or $50,000 annually
  • Annual Sports and Wellness Camps and athletics initiatives:  $30,000 annually
  • Energy Therapies Program: $15,000 annually

Disability Resources was awarded a congressionally-directed grant, the Disabled Veterans Reintegration and Education Project (DVRE).  The DVRE provided the impetus for the University to launch several campus initiatives for enrolled and prospective student veterans and create a ‘veteran-friendly’ campus. Since 2008, over 500 veterans have utilized a program or service supported by the DVRE. With your support Disability Resources could sustain the athletics and wellness programming initiated under the grant.  These initiatives provide opportunities for veteran students to process experiences related to new disabilities, post-traumatic stress disorder, and the after-effects of war.


“It is impossible to summarize the enormous effect the DRC has had on my education at the UA. There are countless examples of how the DRC staff members have demonstrated that they are dedicated to helping me succeed. My time as a participant of the University of Arizona Adaptive Athletics Program was truly the boost that brought my athletic career to the next level of excellence. Having grown up in rural Iowa, I knew I wanted to compete, but had no idea what potential lied in store. When I arrived in Tucson I suddenly had access to coaching and fellow athletes to chase around the track, not to mention limitless academic opportunities. I went from an average racer to a Paralympic Champion, from a whimsical pre-med student to a future doctor at Stanford University School of Medicine, and from an unsure teenager to a confident adult, proud of my identity as a person with a disability. I will always remember the U of A as a place where my dreams became reality."  - Cheri Blauwet, Graduate

"Having a world-class technology team making sure my books could be read by my computer or the materials from my class converted to an accessible format in a timely manner, significantly reduced my stress level, and gave me the same opportunity as the other students in the class to be successful. My access consultant, the testing center, technology lab, and the seamless coordination behind the scenes made it possible for me to attain my academic goals.  I measure this success by my GPA and diploma." - Amanda Hines, Undergraduate Student

“I came to the University of Arizona in 2004 and registered with the Disability Resource Center as a visually impaired student. After receiving my Bachelor of Arts degree, I was accepted into a graduate program. This life-altering process was made possible through the continued guidance by my advisor, the access to assistive technology and personalized testing accommodations, and especially the support and sense of community at the DRC." - Daniel Standage, Student Veteran

“After my accident part of my recovery plan was to get involved in the UA Adaptive Athletic Program at the Disability Resource Center.  I didn’t know what to expect when I thought about competing in sports after my accident.  I just wasn’t sure how athletic my “new” body would allow me to be.  I was amazed the first time I saw the Quad-Rugby team play; it is a very fast hard-hitting sport! I was very nervous starting out, but as I progressed I realized that I had the potential to become a competitive athlete once again.  It also gave me the motivation and the opportunity to finish getting my degree.” - Jeff Odom, Student Veteran