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Athletic Scholarships

UA Adaptive Athletics actively recruits top athletes from around the US and abroad.  To recruit and retain our most promising junior and student athletes we must be able to offer scholarships that competitive compared to other universities. 

Students interested in receiving an Athletic Scholarship Awards (ASA) must visit campus, and provide an athletic resume, as well as a list of references. Recipients are selected based on the information provided and the coaching staff's assessment of their athletic abilities. In order receive an ASA, students must be admitted to UA and complete the admissions application process through the Admissions Office.

In order to remain eligible for the scholarship, recipients must meet the following criteria throughout the duration of their enrollment at the University:

  • Maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5.
  • Fully meet the expectations and obligations of their primary sport set by their head coach.
  • Participate in the program development efforts.