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Juniors Active in Wheelchair Sports - JAWS

Given the many benefits of sport and fitness for disabled people, Disability Resources founded Juniors Active in Wheelchair Sports (JAWS) to facilitate the involvement of disabled youth (ages 5-18) in wheelchair and adaptive sport. 

JAWS participants engage in activities which focus on team and individual sports such as basketball, rugby, tennis, racquetball, and track. Participants have the chance to improve their wheelchair handling skills, as well as experience both recreational and competitive athletics. This type of activity has many benefits such as improving strength, coordination, muscle tone and endurance. Participants connect with collegiate and community wheelchair athletes during JAWS activities.  These relationships are invaluable as the older, experienced athletes serve as role models or mentors to the youth.  Participation in JAWS may feed junior players into the UA competitive program and grow the overall community of wheelchair athletes.

There is no charge to participate in JAWS.

For more information on JAWS, please contact:

Pete Padilla

Head Coach JAWS

(520) 668-8701

Peter Hughes
Program Coordinator, Head Coach Women's Wheelchair Basketball
520-626-5499 (O)
619-249-1885 (C)