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Exams and Learning Assessments

Exams can be designed in ways that include or exclude. Instructors can create exams and learning assessments that are flexible and rarely require accommodations. However, when exams pose disability-related barriers, effective accommodations must be available.

Administer Your Own Exams with Accommodations

If you plan to provide test accommodations yourself, ensure that they are effective. This means:

  • All accommodations identified as reasonable are provided.
  • The test space is appropriate for concentrated effort. 
  • Students clearly understand when they need to finish the exam.
    • An effective strategy is to note the start time, required end time, and completed exam time on the test.

You may provide extended test time by:

If you plan to administer your own tests with accommodations, let DRC know through Instructor Login , 520-621-5760 or

Online Exams

I. Setting Extended time in Learning Management Systems (D2L, BlackBoard, etc.)

II. Examity

    Students with disabilities can access Examity and will be able to use Examity if you are incorporating this tool into your course. If you or the student have questions about accessibility of the exam or Examity process, please contact DRC at 520-621-5760 or

    III. D2L - Disable Right Click option

    Disable right click prevents participants from right clicking in a quiz window, inhibiting (but not completely eliminating) the participants' ability to cheat by limiting their options. However, enabling this limitation also creates a barrier for students using assistive technologies such as text-to-speech software.To provide access, remove the "Disable-Right Click" check mark or contact DRC to discuss additional options. 520-621-5760 or

    IV. Respondus Browser

    Information about Respondus Browser is available in the D2L Help Pages. Using Respondus Browser often presents a barrier for students with disabilities who may be using assistive technologies, such as text-to-speech software, to access their exam. In order to provide access, create a copy of your exam for the student(s) with disabilities and do not enable the Respondus Browser option.

    DRC Exam Administration Procedures

    I. Scheduling

    • Students must request accommodations online at least 3 business days prior to each exam during the regular semester and two weeks ( approximately) prior during finals.
      • When students do not meet this deadline, they are directed to test in the classroom for the exam in question and assisted in requesting future exams at DRC. DRC will work individually with students, and if DRC has been in contact with the instructor, and a seat is available, they may be granted a late scheduled add..
      • Instructors are under no obligation to accommodate students who do not meet the DRC deadline.
    • DRC contacts you for exam administration instructions when a student in your course requests exam accommodations.
    • You can login to DRC’s Instructor Login anytime to:
      • Verify a student’s accommodations
      • View a list of students who have scheduled exams at DRC
      • Inform DRC you will be administering your own exams with accommodations
      • Request exam administration assistance from DRC and provide exam administration information

    II. Receipt & Delivery

    • Exams can be sent to DRC:
      • PREFERABLY by uploading exam to DRC’s secure website
      • By email attachment to  
      • By messenger/drop off to the DRC testing office (Highland Commons, room D231)
    • Completed Exams can be returned:
      • By DRC (to the main office of the instructor’s academic department)
        • Signature of receipt will be requested
      • By pick-up from DRC (Highland Commons, Room D231)
      • Scan and email completed exam to instructor or TA
      • Student hand delivers to instructor ( not available during Final Exams)

    III. Administration

    • Exams taken at the DRC are scheduled during class time unless there is a conflict.
      • DRC Exam Administration office closes at 5:30pm (regular semester) and at 9:00pm (during finals).
      • If exams extend beyond closing time, DRC works with students and instructors to reschedule to an earlier time or find another solution.
      • If students have a class schedule conflict due to their use of extended time, DRC will be in touch with you to identify a plan that supports effective test accommodations while not compromising students’ class attendance.
    • Final Exams are scheduled according to the University final exam schedule, and requested by students a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to each final date.
      • DRC is extremely busy during finals week and has little to no flexibility to either students or faculty.
        • PLEASE do not offer flexibility in the time/day your final is scheduled under the assumption that DRC can make arrangements.

    Exam Integrity

    • All tests received at DRC are treated confidentially and stored securely
    • Students:
      • Identify themselves with a picture ID;
      • Are instructed to leave all non-exam materials outside of the testing area, including backpacks and cell phones; and
      • Are monitored while testing; including remote monitoring of computers, if the tests warrants.
    • Academic Dishonesty Procedures:
      • Questionable materials are confiscated.
      • DRC provides the instructor with details of what was observed and any confiscated materials.
      • Student is directed to follow up with the instructor.
      • Sanctions are up to the instructor. DRC may contact the Dean of Students office to report a Code of Conduct violation if requested by the instructor or department