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Access to Lecture Content

Course design, instruction and delivery of content is ever changing. As an instructor, you may utilize technology, supplemental resources and other innovative strategies to foster learning and engagement in your classroom. For most students, having access to quality notes as a study aid is an integral part of their learning. DRC encourages you to consider instructional design techniques that minimize the need for an individual *note-taking* accommodation by providing notes and resources to all students.

Consider providing instructional and supplemental materials for all students to minimize the need for individual accommodations and so that all students benefit from your good course design:

  • Post PowerPoint slides or lecture notes on a course website or D2L.
  • Use lecture capture (Panopto) or podcasting your lecture, inclusive of PowerPoint slides.
  • Assign students to teams and rotate responsibility each week for the team to create a complete set of notes to be shared with the class.
  • Use a workbook to summarize information covered in class and provide classroom time for students to collaborate in completing it.
  • Allow and encourage students to use recorders, laptops and other smart technology apps to capture important lecture content.

When access to lecture content is still a barrier for a disabled student, DRC encourages the student to meet with an Access Consultant to discuss options. 

  • You will be notified if DRC determines that an accommodations is necessary.
  • You may be asked to:
  • Find a volunteer note-taker from your class to share notes with this student individually or via a secure location on D2L. Volunteer note-takers will receive formal recognition for their work by filling out the Note-taker Registration form.
  • Provide a copy of your complete notes to the student.
  • Ask a TA or preceptor to share notes

If no accommodation is necessary, meaning that students have access to the course subject matter and would be using notes solely as a study aid, we will talk with the student about the following possibilities to attain access to course content:

  • Students independently arranging class notes by asking a friend or classmate to share notes
  • Visiting Think Tank to learn how to take effective class notes