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Having access to quality class notes is an integral part of learning.  If writing notes in class is a barrier, a note-taking accommodation may be requested.

Note-taking Designed for All Students:

Design instructional supports for all students which minimizes the need for individual note-taking.  Consider:

  • Posting PowerPoint slides  or lecture notes on a course website or D2L.
  • Using lecture capture (Panopto) or podcasting your lecture, inclusive of PowerPoint slides.
  • Assigning students to teams and rotate responsibility each week for the team to create a complete set of notes.
  • Using a workbook to summarize information covered in class and providing classroom time for students to collaborate in completing it.

If a note-taking accommodation is requested:

  • The student may make arrangements independently by asking a friend or classmate to share notes
  • You, as the instructor, may be asked to assist in finding a note-taker
    • You will receive a note-taking announcement to be read at the beginning of two classes
    • If a student volunteers, connect the two students by asking them to meet with you after class or sending an email to both students
  • If no one volunteers, DRC can provide assistance.
  • Volunteer note-takers can receive formal recognition for their work by filling out the Note-taker Registration form.

Additional methods for providing class notes:

  • Have the note-taker post notes in a secure D2L discussion forum for all students requesting note-taking.
  • If you’d like, you can provide a copy of your complete notes to the student.
  • Ask a TA or preceptor to share notes.
  • Ask a student directly to share notes with the disabled student rather than reading the class announcement.