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If reasonable accommodations are requested by disabled students in order to fully participate in courses, campus programs and activities, it is the University's responsibility to respond.

As an instructor, you should be aware:

  • The University has an online process to identify the students in your courses who may request reasonable accommodations.
    • Students may choose to discuss curricular barriers and the implementation of accommodations with you.
    • You will be contacted by DRC and/or the student before an accommodation is implemented.
  • If students with disabilities choose not to identify their affiliation with DRC, you will not be asked to provide accommodations for those students.

For students identified through the DRC instructor system, you may:

  • Contact those students directly to discuss access and accommodations;
  • Communicate with DRC staff:
    • To ensure that you can deliver effective accommodations independently.
    • If you feel a recommended accommodation would significantly alter essential learning objectives of the course.

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