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Creating Accessible Emails

The University is both required and committed to ensuring electronic and information technology accessibility.

To ensure we all have skills to not exclude members of our community in our communications, the University’s itAccessibility Program (a partnership between UITS, DRC and OIE) team will be sharing tools and strategies for creating accessible communications and documents. Of course, you are also welcome to contact us ( with questions to be more proactive in your work.

An area where we may unintentionally create barriers is with email. Email messages can easily be made accessible to everyone by following a few simple tips:

  1. Provide alt-tags for the images (unless they’re just decorative)
  2. Avoid using a full page image. If this form of communication is necessary, provide a link at the top of the email to a website with an alternate, accessible version of the email
  3. Use more than color to show emphasis
  4. Provide sufficient color contrast (4.5:1)
  5. Any documents (Word, PDF, etc.) attached to email also need to be accessible and should not be included in-line as images.

Let’s model accessibility and set a goal to have ALL communications sent out from the UA be created accessibly. If you need support in meeting this goal, get in touch: 626-9409 or