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What Is My Role

Whether student, staff or faculty, you may be responsible for planning an event. An event can be any experience: a class activity, team builder, student program, staff training, or field-trip, for any University audience large or small, campus-wide or a targeted group. Given the diverse nature of the UA community, you should strive to design an experience that is welcoming, inclusive and accessible to all. The DRC has resources to support you in your event planning to maximize access.

Things to consider:

  • Consider accessibility from the very early stages of your planning process. Good planning can eliminate the need for retrofitting or individual accommodations later.
  • Welcome a diverse audience. Send the message consistently in your advertising, marketing, and interactions that the event is welcoming to a diverse group. Consider using images of a diverse group in your materials and clearly indicate how to inquire about or request disability-related accommodations. Visit Marketing and Materials for resources.
  • Be knowledgeable about all aspects of your event. Be ready to respond to questions about access. DRC can provide you information or resources, but as the event planner, you should ultimately field all event-related inquires.
  • Strive to make the experiences of disabled people the same as non-disabled people. When you create accessible and inclusive events, all participants will have an equitable experience. By eliminating barriers to participation, all attendees will be able to fully access the event without modification or special requests.
  • Create a positive experience. When we create inclusive experiences, participants feel welcome. Conversely, when there are barriers to participation, it can make participants feel unwelcome, and less likely to return or recommend this event to a friend or colleague. Considering access and inclusion throughout your planning process will help make participants have a good experience.

Additional Information can be found on our Planning an Event section and in the ADA's "Creating an Accessible Meeting Experience" article.  Please email us at to discuss your event!