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Spring 2015 Final Exam Deadline

If you intend to take a final exam(s) at DRC and have not yet scheduled them, please schedule online NOW.  The deadline to schedule is Monday, April 20th.


Please schedule your finals through DRC’s online system by Monday, April 20th.  

If you need assistance with scheduling your finals, please see an Access Consultant.

New Accommodation Request

You are about to complete the DRC Accommodation Request form. The deadline date for accommodation requests for testing (including final exams) or note-taking  to be processed for the current semester is April 15, 2015. The information you provide will be reviewed and you will be contacted by DRC staff to discuss any Summer/Fall 2015 requests shortly.


Spring 2015Semester 4/15 Accommodation Request Deadline

April 15th is the last day to request note-taking and testing accommodations for the Spring 2015 semester including testing accommodations for Spring Finals.  Students completing the Accommodation Request form after April 15th will have access to accommodations in the summer or fall semesters. Other accommodation requests will be reviewed and you will be contacted by DRC staff to discuss as appropriate. Please note that the end of the semester is our busiest time at the DRC, but we will make all attempts to contact you as soon as possible.


Tutorial - Interpreting or CART Services

  1. DRC has already requested Communication Access services on your behalf since the Online Services system is new. However, we have not make any other accommodation requests for you. Therefore, when you first log into the system, your classes will already show as “Requested.” If you plan to use other accommodations, such as testing or note-taking, you will “Modify Request” in each of your classes by scrolling down on your overview page, selecting “Modify Accommodation,” and clicking on each accommodation you’d like to use.

Tutorial - Document Conversion

How to request document conversion for your classes

  1. Go to the “Accommodations” tab on the student page. Select any classes they want e-text. Select the button that says “continue to customize your accommodations. If you have already requested any type of accommodations for that class, you can select the class title and modify their requests.

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Tutorial - Overview and Making Accommodation Requests

Overview and Making Accommodation Requests

  1. When you first log into DRC’s new Online Service, you will see an overview page that gives you general information.
    1. If you haven’t yet requested accommodations, you’ll see that on your To Do list. DRC staff also may add information that you need to know. And later in the semester you’ll have the opportunity to rate the work of your note-takers or interpreters.