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Attendance Requirements

Attendance requirements vary widely from course to course:
  • Each class/instructor has different attendance policies which may or may not be flexible
  • Lab, activity and hands-on courses involve in-class learning that cannot be easily made up
  • Some classes, such as lectures, may provide more flexibility
If you believe you will miss class often due to your disability:
  • Talk with an Access Consultant as early in the semester as possible to discuss
  • your previous experiences
  • what you expect for the current semester.

Accessible Transportation

Disability Resources is available to assist departments and individuals arrange for wheelchair accessible vehicles.

  • Accessible vehicles rent from the UA Motor Pool at the same cost as equivalent, non-accessible vehicles.
  • Instructors who are coordinating transportation for a course activity can arrange for an accessible vehicle through the UA Motor Pool.

Contact Sherry Santee at 520-626-5490 or to facilitate the rental process.