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ASL Interpreting and CART

The Disability Resource Center hires interpreters, and CART captioners to provide services to individuals who are Deaf or hard of hearing. These services are available for all academic needs, meetings, workshops, etc., as well as for any other activities sponsored by the University.

Certification of Staff:

  • All of our interpreters are certified through the National Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID).
  • Our CART providers have received rigorous training, in addition to Court Reporting School, through the National Court Reporting Association. 

There is a new look to the online form where you make requests for interpreters, CART captioners or captioning of videos.

  • If you’re a student, make your request through Student Login
  • If you’re a non-student, continue to the request form
    • The first time you make a request, the system will ask for your email address and some demographic information. It will remember you the next time you log into to make a request.