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Course Substitution

If math and/or second language courses create barriers to your learning based on disability, you may request a course substitution. Courses determined by your College to be non-essential to your program of study may be substituted.

Steps to request a course substitution:

  1. Declare a major prior to requesting a substitution for Foundational courses
  2. Meet with an Access Consultant
    • External information such as a school records or psychoeducational tests may be requested
    • Accommodations which create an accessible course may be discussed and will thereby eliminate the need for course substitution
  3. If course substitution is established as a reasonable accommodation, we will inform your Academic Advisor that a course substitution is appropriate.
  4. You will meet with your Advisor to identify an appropriate substitute course. 

If you change majors, contact DRC because the substitution may no longer be appropriate.

UA Academic Policy: Substitutions for Approved General Education Courses