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Document Conversion

When standard print is a barrier, textbooks and other printed academic materials, such as syllabi and articles, can be converted to electronic text, Braille or large print. Students new to document conversion will originally request access to e-text through an Access Consultant.

Requesting books prior to the start of the semester:

  • Request E-Text accommodations for your classes in DRC's online system
  • View your booklist in UAccess
  • If book information is available, email with information on the books you’re requesting, include:
    • Course and section
    • Book title, author, publisher, copyright date, and ISBN
  • Provide verification that you have a copy of requested books
    • E-text cannot be sent to you until DRC receives this verification
    • Provide a receipt of purchase/rent or a copy/picture of the title page of the book
  • If no books are listed for your course(s), let DRC know so that we can follow-up with your instructor and identify required readings.
  • If readings will be posted on D2L, Blackboard, or a course website and you would like to request accessible versions of the readings, send course information to

DRC Conversion Process:

  1. DRC first researches the availability of accessible files through publishers.
  2. If you are notified that accessible files are not available, provide DRC with a hard copy of your book and the class reading schedule.
  3. The book’s binding is removed, the pages scanned, and the book returned to you with a spiral binder. This process usually has a 4-5 day turn-around.
    • If you prefer to not have your book binding removed, talk with DRC about an alternate plan.
    • DRC cannot cut the binding of library books or rented texts.
  4. DRC will send you installments of the book (or online articles) according to the course reading schedule.

Tips to receiving your materials in timely manner:

  • Submit your book requests before the semester begins
  • Provide a receipt of purchase or copy of the book’s title page with your book request
  • If DRC informs you that accessible files are not available from the publisher, bring a copy of your book and the course reading schedule to DRC as soon as possible