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Residence Hall Accommodations

How to Request Accommodations for Residence Hall

What Happens After a Request is Made

  • DRC reviews your request and contacts you.
  • A roommate will be assigned by Residence Life or you can request a specific roommate.

Residence Hall Accommodations include, but are not limited to:

  • ADA accessible rooms or bathrooms,
  • Includes accessible toilet, sink, and roll-in shower equipped with an unpadded, fold-down bench
  • Fire strobe equipped rooms
  • Attached / suite bathrooms for close bathroom proximity or increased privacy
  • Single rooms/private bathroom
  • Limited to students with requirement for private living space
  • Extra refrigerator to store medication or meet other medical requirements.  Read Residence Life's policy on extra refrigerators.
  • Remote automatic door openers
  • *Accommodation requests are only for your living space, requests based on studying issues will not be considered.

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