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Having access to quality class notes is an integral part of learning.  If writing notes in class is a barrier, a note-taking accommodation may be requested.

Note-taking Designed for All Students:

Design instructional supports for all students which minimizes the need for individual note-taking.  Consider:

Interpreters/CART Captioners

Interpreters and CART captioners provide communication access to deaf and hard of hearing individuals:

  • Sign Language Interpreters translate spoken English into American Sign Language (ASL) and often work in teams.
  • CART captioners are trained professionals who use a steno machine, software and a computer to translate spoken English into printed text.

Interpreters and CART captioners:

Document Conversion

There are several things that you, as an instructor, can do to assure all your students have access to course materials in a format that is accessible with assistive technologies and mobile devices. It takes time to create an accessible version of printed textbooks that can be accessed by screen readers and text-to-speech technologies. An accessible, electronic, version of a printed textbook is acquired by either requesting an electronic copy directly from the publisher or by scanning and converting the book manually.  With the time factor in mind consider:

Attendance Requirements

Students who believe that they cannot adhere to an attendance policy because of circumstances directly related to a disability may seek an accommodation. As with all accommodations, the process for students to initiate a request for attendance accommodations is through Disability Resources. All requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis and in consultation with the course instructor.