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Workplace Access


The University is committed to inclusive and healthy workplace environments. To make the workplace more inclusive or accessible for disabled employees, DRC consults with employees and supervisors on potential solutions, like reasonable accommodations or changes to the environment that may facilitate better access. Reasonable accommodations for disabled staff and faculty are arranged by DRC on a case-by-case basis, in collaboration with the employee and appropriate University personnel. Disability is broadly defined and includes impairments and most chronic health conditions.

Information for Supervisors

The DRC partners with supervisors to create accessible workplace environments and implement reasonable accommodations for employees. The Workplace Access staff is available to consult with supervisors about how to create work environments that are accessible and inclusive for a diverse range of employees, making it less necessary to implement accommodations on an individual basis.

Information for Employees

The University strives to create an environment that is accessible and inclusive for all employees.  The DRC partners with University departments to eliminate barriers to access and promote inclusion.  The DRC is also the primary point of contact for employees regarding access issues and requests for reasonable accommodations.

What is a Reasonable Accommodation?
Interactive Process for Requesting Reasonable Accommodations
Examples of Reasonable Accommodations

Interactive Process

The interactive process for requesting reasonable accommodation in the workplace can be initiated by either the employee or the supervisor contacting Disability Resources.  If an employee comes forward to his or her supervisor and requests assistance with a disability or medical condition, the supervisor should refer the employee to Disability Resources.