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Workplace Access


If the DRC determines the University cannot effectively accommodate an employee in her current position, the employee may request reassignment to a vacant University position for which she is qualified as a reasonable accommodation.  Upon requesting reassignment, for a period of 30 days, the University will review vacant positions that have been posted to CareerTrack or have been submitted to be posted.  Once an employee requests reassignment, he will be unable to return to his current

Job Restructuring

Job restructuring includes redistributing marginal job functions and altering how a job function is performed.  For example, if an employee is responsible for occasionally carrying heavy boxes upstairs in a building with no elevator but is no longer able to do so because of a disability, that job function could be redistributed to another employee as an accommodation.  Alternatively, if an employee is responsible for occasionally delivering heavy boxes on the same floor, the University could provide a rolling cart as an accommodation. 

Classroom Requests

If an employee with a disability has classroom-related accommodation requests, she should contact the DRC and submit an Accommodation Request Form with as much advance notice as possible.  Employees may also be required to submit a Medical Provider Form.  The DRC will contact the employee’s department and/or Room and Course Scheduling, depending on whether the classroom is department or centrally scheduled, to discuss the request. 

Examples of classroom-related accommodation requests:

Cart Service

The University’s Cart Service, which provides transportation via golf carts to areas of campus not serviced by Cat Tran, is facilitated by Parking and Transportation Services (PTS).  The DRC determines whether employees are eligible for Cart Service on a permanent basis because of a disability, and Campus Health determines whether employees are eligible for temporary Cart Service because of an injury or condition.


The University is committed to inclusive and accessible workplace environments. To make the workplace more inclusive and accessible for disabled employees, DRC consults with employees and supervisors on potential solutions, such as reasonable accommodations or changes to the environment that may facilitate better access.  In collaboration with the employee and appropriate University personnel, reasonable accommodations for disabled staff and faculty are arranged by DRC on a case-by-case basis,. Disability is broadly defined and includes impairments and most chronic health conditions.