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Cart Service

The University’s Cart Service, which provides transportation via golf carts to areas of campus not serviced by Cat Tran, is facilitated by Parking and Transportation Services (PTS).  The DRC determines whether students and employees are eligible for Cart Service on a permanent basis because of a disability, and Campus Health determines whether students and employees are eligible for temporary Cart Service because of an injury, condition, or pregnancy.

To request permanent Cart Service, disabled employees should fill out an Accommodation Request Form and submit it to the DRC according to the directions on the form.  Employees may also be required to submit a Medical Provider Form. We recommend using Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the fillable PDF version.  In addition, employees must fill out PTS’s Cart Services Application and submit it to PTS according to the directions on the application. Please contact a DRC Workplace Access staff member to discuss your circumstances. Students should fill out the DRC Accommodation Request Form. Call 621-3268 with questions.

The DRC can temporarily approve up to three Cart Service rides to give students and employees time to complete the any required forms.  In unique circumstances, the DRC may be able to temporarily approve more rides.

More information is available on Parking and Transportation’s website: