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Pregnancy Accommodations

Pregnant and Parenting

Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students, and Employees


The University is committed to creating an inclusive and accessible environment for pregnant and parenting students and employees.  A number of University resources are available for this population (see Resources, below). 

Pregnant and parenting students and employees can often arrange necessary flexibility by working directly with their instructors, supervisors, or departments. Alternatively, pregnant employees (including those who are breastfeeding) and pregnant/parenting students may request reasonable accommodations through the Disability Resource Center (DRC).   

Information about the process for requesting accommodations is available on the DRC website sections for Students and Employees.

Examples of Accommodations for Students:

Attendance Flexibility

Cart Service – Parking and Transportation

Exam Administration

Examples of Accommodations for Employees:

Cart Service – Parking and Transportation

Classroom Requests

Flexible Work Arrangements

Leave of Absence

Discrimination Prohibited

Discrimination against pregnant and parenting students and employees is prohibited by the University’s Nondiscrimination and Anti-harassment Policy.  For more information, contact the University’s Office of Institutional Equity


University Lactation Rooms

Paid Parental Leave for Employees

Graduate Assistant/Associate Parental Leave

Childcare & Housing Subsidy Program for Students

Childcare Voucher Program for Employees

Sick Child and Emergency/Back-Up Care Program for Employees & Students

Family and Medical Leave

Temporary Alternative Duty Assignment  (for Appointed Personnel) (for Classified Personnel)

Life & Work Connections Childcare and Family Resources

Human Resources

Dean of Students

Office of Institutional Equity

Commission on the Status of Women Family Care Workgroup