Face coverings and accessibility considerations

University face covering requirement

To mitigate the spread of COVID-19, the use of face coverings is strongly encouraged at all of our campuses in Arizona, especially during group activities in indoor settings.  

Visit UArizona's Face Coverings page for detailed information regarding locations where face coverings are required regardless of vaccination status, and guidance for both vaccinated and non-vaccinated individuals.

Examples of acceptable face coverings include, but are not limited to, cloth face masks, disposable face masks, surgical style cloth masks, and gaiter style face coverings. A face shield alone (e.g. a face shield without a shroud or a mask) is not a substitute for a cloth or disposable face covering. Please also review the CDC Guidelines for Masks

Accessibility Considerations

All campus community members are expected to comply with face covering requirements. If you are concerned about wearing a face covering on the basis of your disability, potentially related to anxiety, hearing loss, breathing or dexterity issues, please consider the use of a clear mask or another option that offers a different design and promotes effective ease of use.

If you do not believe any face covering option will work for you based on your disability, please contact DRC to discuss a potential accommodation.  Before exploring an accommodation to this requirement, DRC staff will talk with you about the range of effective face coverings detailed below.

Students Questions: Please contact the DRC at DRC-info@arizona.edu or call 520-621-3268.

Employee Questions: Please contact Workplace Access at DRC-workplaceaccess@arizona.edu.

Clear Masks: If an instructor's class includes communication access accommodations and they would like to request a clear mask that meets the current mask mandate, please contact Carsen Kipley at rkipley@arizona.edu or call 520-621-5971.

Face Coverings Accessibility Considerations

Disposable face mask
disposable mask
Manufactured non-woven material 3 ply filter with elastic loops that covers nose and mouth. Consider if thicker cloth masks cause difficulty breathing. 
Quartz ASTM3 Surgical Mask
Quartz ASTM3 Surgical Mask


ASTM Level 3 transparent surgical mask. Consider when ability to view the speaker's mouth is necessary (e.g., need to have the ability to read lips).
KN95 Mask with clear mouth insert
KN95 Mask with Clear Mouth insert


KN95 Mask with visibility around the mouth. Consider when ability to view the speaker's mouth is necessary (e.g., need to have the ability to read lips).
Shrouded face shield
shrouded face shield

BadgerShield Plus 

Clear plastic shrouded face shield with hospital grade cloth below the shield tightened around chin. Consider when ability to view the speaker's mouth is necessary or when other face covering designs cause difficulty breathing or anxiety.