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Document Conversion

There are several things that you, as an instructor, can do to assure all your students have access to course materials in a format that is accessible with assistive technologies and mobile devices.

  • Select and order your books early
    • You may be contacted by DRC if your order has not been received by the Bookstore by its priority date
    • Ensure an electronic version of the text is accessible for assistive technologies and possibly mobile devices
  • Prepare your course syllabus early.  Be sure to include dates and pages for required readings
  • Assist in locating print materials for conversion
    • Your student or DRC may contact you for a copy of your book, syllabus or online materials in order to scan them and create accessible electronic files
  • Post accessible information on D2L, Blackboard, or course website
    • DRC Staff may be added to your D2L course site in order to convert inaccessible course content into accessible electronic files.

More resources on creating accessible course materials and content.

Contact DRC at 626-9409 or if you would like additional information about the accessibility of course materials.