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Syllabus Statement

The Undergraduate Course Syllabus Policy requires that syllabi contain a statement about the availability of reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities.  Below (in bold) is the recommended statement.  Please copy it directly into your syllabus.

Accessibility and Accommodations:

At the University of Arizona we strive to make learning experiences as accessible as possible. If you anticipate or experience physical or academic barriers based on disability or pregnancy, you are welcome to let me know so that we can discuss options.  You are also encouraged to contact Disability Resources (520-621-3268) to explore reasonable accommodation. 

If our class meets at a campus location: Please be aware that the accessible table and chairs in this room should remain available for students who find that standard classroom seating is not usable.

Note for Instructors:

Instructors oftentimes provide individual flexibility to all students and of course this flexibility should be provided fairly and equitably.  When disability-related accommodations are requested, instructors should consult with DRC staff if there are questions or concerns.

If a student is registered with the DRC and has requested course accommodations (i.e., attendance flexibility, course substitutions, exam modifications), an Access Consultant will contact instructors as needed/appropriate to discuss the reasonableness of the requests.

Instructors should not request medical documentation from students, other than documentation related to conditions that are not considered disabilities such as colds or flus, on their syllabi or otherwise. Disability-related documentation, if necessary, should only be reviewed and maintained by DRC and on occasion, Campus Health. Since many health conditions can be considered disabilities, it is generally best to err on the side of not requesting documentation.