Roles and Responsibilities

The Disability Resource Center (DRC) partners with faculty and instructors to support the design of accessible, sustainable, equitable, and inclusive curriculum. By engaging faculty who are experts in their field of study, we develop solutions to disability-related barriers without compromising rigor or essential functions of academic content. Additionally, our collaborations often increase engagement and effectiveness for all students.

Role of the DRC

DRC is the department designated by the University to ensure access to classes, programs and activities for disabled individuals on main campus, distance locations, and Arizona Online.

DRC staff explore disability-related barriers and suggest the most sustainable and seamless solutions. We determine reasonable accommodations as well as work proactively to incorporate universal design aspects throughout our campus environment. Communicating with faculty is a vital piece of our process. While our obligation is to determine and facilitate reasonable accommodation, individual accommodations often create a different, separate, experience for students. Our process also includes exploration around course design and an inclusive academic environment that minimizes the need for individual accommodations.

In addition to in-class experiences, we consider accessibility for:

  • Exams/learning assessments
  • Field trips
  • Labs
  • Internships
  • Study abroad
  • All class related-activities

DRC is a separate unit from the SALT Center, a fee-based academic support program, that provides services  for students with learning and attention challenges.  

Role of Faculty and Instructors

Faculty and instructors are critical partners with DRC in ensuring curricular access. As DRC determines reasonable accommodations, faculty may serve as subject matter experts to ensure an accommodation does not fundamentally alter or compromise academic integrity. After consultation, the DRC will communicate with the student and faculty regarding reasonable accommodations.

Additional considerations and disability access information:

  • Include a Syllabus Statement for disability access.
  • Access your DRC student list regularly.
  • Disability accommodation requests are confidential. Do not identify a student as disabled or using accommodations.

Student Responsibilities:

Students can connect with the DRC at any point in the semester if they are experiencing disability-related barriers in their courses. Once a student has initiated the process to affiliate with DRC, they will meet with an Access Consultant and discuss their experiences. DRC will then determine what accommodations are reasonable.