About Us

Highland Commons building

The University of Arizona DRC leads campus in a progressive and proactive approach to accessibility. Our goal is to ensure disabled students, employees and visitors have a similar, if not identical, experience to their non-disabled counterparts. We work to reduce the need for individual accommodations through proactive collaboration with University partners to impact the systemic design of campus environments.


DRC operates 8am-5pm, Monday - Friday, and is also offering appointments remotely. 


Highland Commons Building
P.O. Box 210095 
1224 E. Lowell St. Tucson, AZ 85721
Phone: 520-621-3268
Fax: 520-621-9423


We envision a campus that is not only accessible but welcoming to all disabled and non-disabled students, employees and guests, where community members are invested in the inclusion, representation and equitable participation of all. 


We ensure that UA curricular, workplace, physical, information, technology and policy environments are usable, welcoming, and accessible through individual consultation, strategic partnerships and consistent outreach.