Operationalizing Our Values

We believe that to impact an inclusive and welcoming campus experience for disabled folks, we must use a multi-faceted approach. DRC has a unique organizational model that balances individual requests and systemic design by: 

  • Working individually with students, employees and community members on requests for accommodations. 
  • Collaborating proactively with partners to design inclusive campus environments that may not necessitate the need for individual accommodations or retroactive modifications.  
  • Infusing progressive messaging about disability and inclusion across campus initiatives. 

Areas of Influence 

Curricular Design

Disability Resources’ staff works proactively with instructors in re-imagining the design of their courses, using concepts from universal design for learning. Our goal is to encourage faculty to think broadly about all the different characteristics students may bring to the classroom and to create educational experiences that maximize engagement without compromising rigor. When we are successful in this partnership, students will have access without the need for individual accommodations.  As staff examine disability-related barriers, they explore the most sustainable and seamless options. 

Built Environment 

Arizona employs design standards for all new construction and renovation that exceeds Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance. Arizona Design Standards encourage and require, when possible, the implementation of a universally-designed built environment. DRC staff consult on planning for new construction and major renovation projects, as well as deferred maintenance.  We regularly assess campus spaces and solicit feedback from community members. 

Technology & Information

Arizona is committed to the full accessibility of all electronic and information technology to ensure equitable experiences for everyone. DRC staff consults on major software purchases to ensure access and offers online resources and in-person training to support staff and faculty in creating accessible and usable materials. 

Campus Events

Social and academic events are important opportunities for the campus community to connect.  DRC is committed to supporting event planners in creating welcoming experiences that reduce or eliminate accommodations.  DRC staff consults on major campus events and offers training and resources such as our Accessible Event Planning Guide


DRC support the accessibility of campus workplaces.  Staff consults with employees and supervisors on ways to ensure inclusive and accessible workplace environments and employment practices. We partner with Human Resources and other units across campus that support employees. 

Access exists on a spectrum. Access does not equal Equity.