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Assistive Technology

DRC staff will consult with you on assistive technology you may wish to explore as you pursue your academic program.

Campus Resources

Speechify Licenses are available, free, for anyone with an email address. 

Activate speechify premium with your emaIl 

Install Speechify

View video tutorials 



Ally easily transforms your course content into a format that works for you. Options to access your course readings include:  

  • MP3 Audio – Learn by listening. 
  • HTML – Create a web version for your mobile devices. 
  • Selectable Text PDF – Turn that scanned PDF into one you can highlight and interact with. 
  • EPub – Read using your eReader or tablet.  
  • BeeLine Reader – Read faster by using color gradients. 

If you are having trouble using text-to-speech technologies with your digital textbooks, try this!

  1. Install or open Microsoft Edge browser
  2. Open your textbook in MS Edge
  3. Use the Read Aloud feature in MS Edge
    • In the address bar, look for the "A" at the end of the address

      Read Aloud icon
    • Select from many natural sounding voices.

Additional Access Tools 

Read faster by using color gradients. 

Convert text into a Braille format to be embossed 

Software for visual outlining/concept mapping to assist with the writing process 

Read content using an eReader or tablet. 

Examples for note-taking apps, note that some apps are free while others are fee-based.

Enlarge the screen for visually impaired individuals with limited speech reading capabilities 

Color Masking Tools which may make reading on a computer screen a bit easier 

Reads all information on the computer screen allowing access for visually impaired individuals 

Listen to digital content including text you have written: 

Speak to the computer to write papers, emails, or control the computer.