Access DRC student list

Disabled students may request reasonable accommodations to fully participate in courses, campus programs and activities. DRC facilitates this process and determines reasonable accommodation through an interactive process involving both the faculty and the student.

  • DRC provides a secure online database to identify students in your courses who may request reasonable accommodations.
  • Students can decide when to utilize their accommodations on a per class basis.
    • You may contact any students who have requested accommodations through DRC’s system.
    • You are not responsible for providing accommodations for students who do not request them.

How to Access your List:

  • Select the “Instructor Login” button (upper right-hand corner of the DRC website).
  1. Login with your NetID and password.
  2. Review the reminders regarding confidentiality and select the “Continue to View Student Accommodations” button.
    1. To download a list of students, select the “Courses with Eligibility” button.
    2. View tutorial video

Consult with DRC staff to discuss:

  • Creating an universally designed course to minimize the need for accommodations.
  • How you can provide effective accommodations as an instructor.
  • Concerns that accommodations may significantly alter essential components of your course.