Class activities, layout and field trips

Classroom Activities and Room Layout

When planning classroom activities, it is important to consider the accessibility and layout of the classroom being used. Classroom type, layout, and furniture varies greatly in campus classrooms and can impact whether students have an accessible and inclusive experience.

Information about access in each centrally scheduled classroom is available on the Classroom Access Information page. For non-centrally scheduled spaces, such as the Student Union and department-controlled spaces, contact the individual department to discuss access.

  • For interactive or collaborative activities, we recommend classrooms that are one level with movable tables and chairs such as the Collaborative Learning Spaces.
  • Centrally scheduled classrooms should all have the following elements:
    • Accessible Tables
      • Note: Please do not use the accessible table as an additional teaching space.
    • Classroom Diagrams: These diagrams show the optimal room layout to ensure disability access and clear paths of travel for all students.
      • If the room is not configured like the diagram when you arrive, arrange the room according to the diagram.
      • If you require a different configuration, return the room to the accessible arrangement in the diagram at the end of class.
      • If no diagram is available for the room, contact CTS One-Stop Helpline at 520-621-3852
  • DRC works with Room and Course Scheduling to move classes when barriers to access are present. If there are any disability access barriers in the room you are using, please contact DRC at (520) 621-3268 or

Field Trips

  • Design field trips in a way that provides a common experience for all students, including routes, activities, and transportation
  • If you provide transportation for the field trip, ask your participants if they require wheelchair accessible transportation.
  • Accessible vehicles can be rented from University of Arizona Motorpool for the same prices as other options. Contact Motorpool at or 520-621-5124