Access to lecture content - Instructor

Access to Lecture Content

DRC encourages you to consider the following instructional design techniques. Providing notes and resources to all students minimizes the need for individual note-taking accommodations.

  • Post PowerPoint slides or lecture notes on a course website or D2L.
  • Use lecture capture such as Panopto or podcast your lecture, in addition to posting PowerPoint slides.
  • Create student groups that rotate the responsibility for sharing class notes.
  • Allow and encourage students to use recorders, laptops and other technology to capture important lecture content.
  • If a disabled student requests an accommodation for access to lecture content, DRC will consult with the instructor to determine if an accommodation is necessary.  
  • Instructors may be asked to:
    • Recruit a volunteer note-taker from the class to share notes through DRC’s secure student portal. Ask a TA or preceptor to share notes.
    • Provide a copy of your notes to the student.
  • Disabled students may
    • request to use notetaking apps/technology.
    • independently arrange for class notes by asking a peer in class to share notes.
    • visit Think Tank to learn how to take effective class notes.