Reasonable Accommodations

Reasonable accommodations ensure equal access to University employment, educational programs, services, and activities. DRC determines reasonable accommodation through an interactive process with the disabled student and as needed, other campus affiliates. As disabled students should be held to the same standards as their non-disabled peers, an accommodation cannot constitute a fundamental alteration or compromise academic integrity. Reasonable accommodations do not guarantee success but do ensure access.

The DRC is designated by the institution to provide a centralized approach for accommodations and to ensure access for disabled students and employees.

  • Do not request medical documentation from students. If a student gives you disability-related documentation, please do not keep it and refer the student to the DRC. 
  • If a student contacts you to request disability-related accommodations, please do not say “yes” or “no.” Refer this student to the DRC. 

Students affiliated with the DRC can request course accommodations at any time via our online process and instructors may be contacted to discuss specific requests.

To view a list of students and the accommodations they may use in your course, please visit our Instructor Login. We encourage you to login regularly throughout the semester as accommodations may change. When students request accommodations for a class, instructors receive an automated email which includes a link to the DRC class instruction form. Please complete this form within one week to provide DRC with important class details.

DRC values our relationships with faculty and instructors and is a resource to support your efforts to ensure an accessible curricular experience.  Do not hesitate to contact DRC for consultation, clarification, or problem-solving.