Exam administration

When exams pose disability-related barriers, reasonable accommodations must be implemented. DRC collaborates with instructors to ensure accessible exam experiences.

Note, we use the global term “exam” to also represent information for midterms, quizzes, knowledge checks, etc.

Instructors can view DRC student information through the instructor login on the DRC website.

  • It is recommended that instructors access DRC student information before each exam as accommodations may change throughout the semester.
  • DRC staff are available to consult regarding access for students taking exams with accommodations.

Administer exams without DRC

As an instructor, you can create exams that are accessible, flexible, and rarely require accommodations. Explore recommended alternative assessments or OIA's "Planning for Remote Teaching," steps 2 and 3.

Instructors providing exam accommodations without DRC should:

  • Inform DRC that you will be providing accommodations for students through DRC Instructor Login, (520) 621-5760, or drc-testing@arizona.edu.
  • Ensure test space is appropriate for exams and all accommodations are provided.
  • Verify that students clearly understand the plan for administering the exam.

Online Exams

Online assessment accommodations must be configured by the instructor/authorized class representative.

Online Proctoring Solutions

  • If an instructor is using a third-party vendor to proctor online exams, such as Examity, most disabled students will complete the exam in that application.
  • Examity: view the Instructor Quick Guide (PDF) for instructions on setting accommodations. The University's Examity page includes additional general information.
  • Other proctoring solutions: please contact DRC Testing as soon as possible.
  • If DRC determines that a student is not able to use an online proctoring service for disability-related reasons, DRC will contact the instructor.
  • If you have questions regarding the accessibility of the exam or online proctoring solution, please contact DRC at (520) 621-5760 or drc-testing@arizona.edu

Administer Exams through DRC

If an instructor is unable to accommodate students for an in-person class exam, DRC-Testing is available for proctoring.

  • When students schedule exams with DRC, instructors receive an automated email with a link to DRC’s test administration instruction form. This form must be completed at least 3 business days prior to the exam date.
  • Exams will be scheduled for class time with exceptions when extended time creates a conflict with another class or if a class meets outside of standard DRC operating hours.
  • Prior to the exam date, instructors receive an automated email requesting a copy of the exam be provided to the DRC Testing Center.
  • DRC Testing is open Monday - Friday 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM.