Graduation Access for Event Planners

Disability Access Considerations for your Ceremonies 

  • Include a disability access statement for your event RSVP and event communications, including websites.
    • If a disability accommodation request is made, by a graduate or a guest, contact DRC

Path of travel - Graduates 

  • All graduates take a common accessible route for procession, to/from seating, and on/off the stage. 

Seating - Graduates and Guests 

  • Seating arrangements include graduates with disabilities sitting with their cohort and guests with disabilities to sit with their party, not in separate spaces/areas. 
  • Maneuvering clearance and integration options for the accessible seating areas. For example:  
    • Accessible seating is provided in multiple locations to allow a choice. 
    • Accessible seating locations in a front/back row, remove a minimum of 2 chairs. 
    • Accessible seating at the end of rows, remove 4 chairs – 2 chairs from the row itself and 2 additional chairs from the row in front or behind the seating row.  
  • Arrange seating which provides access to Interpreters and CART Captioners.  

DRC's Graduation Disability Access - provides general accessibility information for ceremonies, parking, and locations.

Contact DRC with any questions you may have regarding access or accommodations for graduates or guests. 520-621-3268 or