Tucson Festival of Books - Disability Access Information

Manual wheelchair or scooter rental:

Note: Onsite availability/rental of mobility scooter and wheelchair rental and storage of this equipment is not available.

To arrange for your own manual wheelchair or scooter rental, contact:


  • Refer to the Campus Accessible Parking Map.
    • Location and number of accessible parking spaces is designated on the RED circles.
    • The Cherry Ave. Garage is closest to the Festival.
  • Suggested drop off locations:
    • East side of UA mall on Cherry Avenue
    • North of Student Union on Mountain Ave. in the circle.
    • University Blvd, west of Old Main
    • Highland Ave. south of Koffler and Weaver Science-Engineering Library

Requesting Disability-Related Accommodations and Services

ASL Sign Language Interpreter or CART Captioner

  • Use our Online Request Form to request a Sign Language interpreter or CART captioner a minimum of one week prior to the Festival.
  • Based on availability, a Sign Language Interpreter may be on-site throughout the Festival. Please inquire at any TFOB information booth.

Assistive Listening Systems (ALS)

  • Requests for Assistive Listening accommodations must be made at least one week prior to the Festival so we can do our best to fulfill your request.
  • Please use the assistive listening request form to provide the times and locations for your request.
    • If your location does not have ALS readily available, you may be provided with a portable ALS option (e.g. outdoor tents).
  • Note: ALS is available in rooms with microphones.

Locations with Assistive Listening Receivers available:

Request your receiver from the designated Author Event Monitor and return it after use.

  • All Student Union venues
  • Modern Languages 350
  • Koffler 204, 216, and 218
  • Integrated Learning Center (ILC) 119, 120, 125, 130, 141, 150, and 151
  • Education Kiva 211, 310, 353

Locations with Induction Loop Systems:

  • Education Kiva 211
  • UA Mall tent
  • Arizona Daily Star tent
  • Flandreau Planetarium

Event location physical accessibility

Accessible restrooms are available in the following locations:

  • All buildings open for the event.
  • Portable restrooms on the South side of the UA Mall.
  • All gender / family restrooms located in
    • Main Library 1st floor near the elevator.
    • Education 1st floor.
    • Flandreau Planetarium.

Queues and seating:

  • Entries for major presentations will include an accessible entrance/queue option.
  • Accessible seating locations inside the venues can accommodate up to two companions to allow for seating for other disabled guests.
  • Look for signs with the Universal Access Symbol for accessible routes and presentation queues.

Prior to the Festival, questions regarding disability access can be emailed to accessibility@arizona.edu. Information booths will be available during the Festival for any additional questions or concerns or you can call the Student Union Information desk at 520-621-7755.