Communication Access - FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions: ASL Interpreting and CART Captioning Services

  • When should I complete a request form for an ASL interpreter or CART Captioner?
  • What materials assist interpreters and captioners in providing the most accurate and effective services?
    • It is extremely helpful to receive advanced prep material prior to the event for proper preparation and greater accuracy. Shared materials should include speaker introductions/names/bios, speeches, PowerPoints, video links, webpage urls, songs/lyrics, programs, etc.
  • Can captions be provided for a live-streamed event such as a college‚Äôs webpage or Facebook?
    • Yes, this is live streaming and the CART Captioner can provide the captions through Zoom or StreamText.
  • What are my live-streaming captioning options in Zoom?
    • Within Zoom, you can send live captions to Facebook Live, YouTube Live or Workplace for Facebook.
  • What is StreamText?
    • StreamText is a live captioning platform/server used specifically for delivering live captions to viewers on multiple devices, i.e., computer, tablet, smart phone.
  • When does the requester of services need to let the CART captioner know that they plan to live stream the event?
    • At a minimum, contact us 48 hours before the event.
  • Does Panopto support live CART captioning?
    • Panopto does not support live captioning, but CART captioners can provide a StreamText link that can be made available and used on any mobile device.