Classroom Requests

If a disabled or pregnant employee has classroom-related accommodation requests, she should contact the DRC and submit an Accommodation Request Form (Note: you must be signed into your UA email account to access the Request Form) with as much advance notice as possible. Employees may also be required to submit a Medical Provider Form. (We recommend using Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the fillable PDF version.) The DRC will contact the employee’s department and/or Room and Course Scheduling, depending on whether the classroom is department or centrally scheduled, to discuss the request.

Examples of classroom-related accommodation requests:

  • To teach in a particular building, for example, the same building as one's office or a building with a lactation room.
  • To teach in a particular classroom or be assigned to teach in a classroom with particular technology.
  • To teach in a building and classroom that is wheelchair accessible.
  • To teach at a particular time of day.

The DRC will determine whether the request is reasonable and will communicate its decision in writing to the employee, department, and (if relevant) Room and Course Scheduling. If the request is ongoing and is for a centrally scheduled room, departments should submit a copy of the DRC’s letter to Room and Course Scheduling when they submit their room requests for upcoming semesters.