Information for Supervisors

The DRC partners with supervisors to create accessible workplace environments and implement reasonable accommodations for employees. The Workplace Access staff is available to consult with supervisors about how to create work environments that are accessible and inclusive for a diverse range of employees, making it less necessary to implement accommodations on an individual basis.

Interactive Process for Exploring Accommodations

If an employee suggests that she may need a change to a work environment or the way work is performed because of a medical condition, pregnancy, or disability, and this is not a request that you would normally approve as part of your usual department practice, the employee should be referred to the DRC. The employee is not required to use the words “reasonable accommodation." Please do not deny any potential requests for accommodation before the DRC has an opportunity to thoroughly evaluate the request(s) and possible alternatives.

If an employee requests reasonable accommodation(s) through the DRC, a member of the Workplace Access staff will contact you to discuss the request. The Workplace Access staff member may request a copy of the employee’s job description and ask you questions about the employee’s duties and responsibilities, including the frequency with which particular tasks are performed. The DRC greatly appreciates your prompt response and partnership throughout this process.

Determination Letter:  Based on the information gathered from the employee, medical provider, supervisor, and other individuals as appropriate, the DRC will make a determination about whether an employee is eligible for accommodations and whether the requested accommodation is reasonable, and will communicate its determination in writing to the employee and copy the supervisor.

Confidentiality: The Determination Letter and any information about an employee’s requested or implemented accommodation should be maintained confidential, except from University employees who have a legitimate business need to know. Please consult with the DRC about which University employees may have a legitimate need to know before sharing information. An employee’s co-workers do not generally have a legitimate need to know about an employee’s accommodation. If needed, you may consult with the DRC about ways to explain why an employee might be performing work differently without sharing information about the implemented accommodation.