Alternate Formats

Students with print-disabilities who have alternate formats as a reasonable accommodation can request their textbooks and other academic materials be converted to an accessible format. DRC often provides academic content in an accessible “e-text” or electronic document format through DRC’s Student Login. Other formats, such as Braille, are also available.

Requesting Alternate Formats (E-text)

Online Request Process 

  1. Log into the DRC Student Login using your NetID and password.  
    • In the “Select Accommodations for Your Class,” use the checkboxes to select your class(es).
    • Next select the button labeled "Step 2 - Continue to Customize Your Accommodations."
    • Select the "E-Text" checkbox and then select "Update Request” button.
  2. Navigate to the "My Accommodations" menu and select the "Alternative Formats" link.
    In the "Additional Book or Reading Materials" section:
    • Select the Class you are requesting alternative materials  
    • Fill in the information for the following:
      • Books: Title, ISBN, author, copyright date.
      • D2L Readings: All students are encouraged to use Ally in D2L to convert their readings.
        • If Ally's conversion is not sufficient, please submit a request indicating "D2L readings" for "Reading Material Title."
      • Other: Any articles or material outside of D2L, please email with the information.
    • Select the "Submit Request" button.
  3. Provide Proof of Ownership using the "Upload Book Receipt" section.
    • Select the "Choose file" button to upload your receipt.
    • Select the course the receipt is for using the checkboxes next to each course.
    • Use the "Note" section to provide any further information. 
    • Options for proof of ownership include:
      • The original purchase receipt (photocopy, scan, or photo).
      • The book’s copyright page (photocopy, scan, or photo).
  4. After providing your Class material information and proof of purchase for books, DRC will process your request.
    • Textbooks: DRC will contact publishers to request an accessible version.
      • Occasionally, the AltFormats team may contact you for a hard copy of the book to scan and convert.
    • Inclusive Access Textbooks: Most “Inclusive Access” materials include accessibility features and do not need to be converted and requests may be canceled. However, if you experience any barriers, email View more about Inclusive Access - Accessibility.

Video Tutorial

View the video tutorial on Submitting your E-Text Requests.

Accessing Alternate Format Materials

  1. You will receive an email notification once materials are available for download. 
  2. Log into the DRC Student Login using your NetID and password.
  3. Navigate to the "My Accommodations" menu and select the "Alternative Formats" link.
  4. Under the section labeled "List Books Currently Being Processed" locate the book title column to find the completed book.
  5. In the "Status" column of the book title that is completed, select the red "Download Book" button to access your materials.  

Other Resources for Students: