Exam Access

Accessible Exams in the Classroom/Online

Exam options at the University vary. Instructors may design exams that minimize barriers and many instructors make arrangements to accommodate students. When accommodations are met by the instructor, students will not need to schedule exams with DRC. This arrangement also ensures student access to the instructor for questions, clarifications, and provides DRC students with an exam experience that is similar to their peers. Instances where exams are not scheduled with DRC may include:

  • Take-home tests, papers, or projects that offer flexibility for completing the activity.
  • Exams proctored via online exam platforms such as Zoom or Examity.
  • Online exams designed to be taken in non-classroom settings.
  • Exams started in the classroom and completed in another location, such as an instructor’s office.

Visit DRC’s Student Login to access updated information for classes where an instructor provides accommodations or the design of the exam is accessible. Students with questions should contact an Access Consultant.

Taking Exams at DRC

Note, we use the global term “exam” to also represent information for midterms, quizzes, knowledge checks, etc.

Scheduling Exams

  • Students are responsible for using DRC’s Student Login to schedule in-person exams for in-person classes.
    • Exam dates are listed in class syllabi
    • Students should schedule all exams for the semester as soon as possible.
      • Exams must be scheduled a minimum of 3 business days before the exam date.
      • Specific deadlines for scheduling final exams will be announced and posted on DRC’s website.
  • Exams will be scheduled at class time.
    • If extended exam time creates a conflict with another class, students must schedule a time as close to class time as possible which will require approval by DRC.
  • Tutorial videos (updated versions coming soon) are available to show how to request accommodations and schedule exams at DRC.
  • It is good practice for students to contact their instructors regarding their testing accommodations prior to exams.

On Day of Exam

  • DRC Testing is located on the second floor, room D231, in the southeast corner of Highland Commons.
  • Masks are required in all DRC spaces.

Check-in Process

  • Arrive on time with your CatCard.
    • Arriving after the scheduled start time may result in DRC requiring approval from your instructor to administer the exam.
  • Students are expected to bring all allowed materials for the exam with them such as pencils, erasers, and calculators (if permitted on exam).
  • Unsecured, limited space is available to store personal items that are not allowed in the exam room.

Unauthorized Materials & Cheating

  • The DRC upholds the Code of Academic Integrity. Students believed to be in violation of the policy will be reported to the instructor and/or Dean of Students with details of the incident.

Health and Safety

  • Materials are available for students to wipe desks before and after the exam.
  • Due to scheduling and limited seating, requests to move seats may not be possible.