Event Planner Role

As an event planner, you can create experiences that are not just accessible, but welcoming to your diverse audiences. While there is a lot to consider, good design is a process. Any progress toward inclusion is a success! 

An event is any University experience - class, activity, workshop, program, training, or field trip - for any University audience, large or small. When planning an event, think about the following: 

  • Consider accessibility early in your planning. Good planning may not only save you money but eliminate the need for retrofitting or individual accommodation. 

  • Create a positive experience. When there are barriers to participation, it can make attendees feel unwelcome and less likely to return or recommend this event to a friend or colleague. Considering access and inclusion throughout your planning process will help ensure participants have a good experience. 

  • Commit to a similar, if not identical experience for disabled and non-disabled participants. We strive for equity and inclusion. 

  • Be knowledgeable about all aspects of your event. As the event planner, you should be prepared to field all even-related inquiries, including questions about access.