Access at Your In-Person Event

The information and considerations below will assist in ensuring an inclusive and accessible experience for all participants at your in-person event. 

  • Download accessible event signage   
  • Venue layout and accessibility  
    • Arrange space so that all guests can use common routes. Routes are wide, flat/paved and clear of debris.   
    • Integrate accessible seating options throughout the venue seating area with a minimum of 2 distinct options.  
    • Accessible cord covers are used to cover exposed cords or hoses on ground  
    • View full venue layout and accessibility guidelines  
  • Communication Access   
    • If amplified sound (microphone) is used, inform guests that assistive listening devices are available for loan.   
    • Captions should be enabled on pre-recorded videos.   
  • Materials/Handouts:  
  • Service Animals on campus  

Follow Up After Your Event  

Include questions about access on any event evaluations or assessments. For example:   

  • Were you able to request disability-related accommodations?   
  • Were you able to fully participate in this event?  
  • Do you have feedback on how to make this event more accessible next time?  

Reflect on any accessibility-related issues and how to design differently in the future. Consider sharing any feedback with the venue.